The curious paradox is that when I accept myself
just as I am,
then I can change.
~Carl Rogers~


I am glad you made it here. The quote above is one way of understanding the complex, contradicting nature of being human. Often people start therapy with some idea of how they want their life to change. My goal as a psychologist is to assist people in moving towards a fulfilling, vibrant, meaningful life and to understand how they can move towards that life when research tells us that change is a non-linear process. My work with clients focuses on four qualities: Safety, Awareness, Acceptance, and Change.

In order to be able to change we first need to be aware of ourselves – including all of our messiness and imperfections. Humans are confusing and seemingly illogical in so many ways. Yet, when we take the time to bring a curious mind (or perhaps even kindness) to understand our complexity, stubbornness, “laziness”, anger, fatigue, etc., we can often find a logic and and understanding of the seemingly contradicting aspects of who we are. When we develop that understanding of why we might be doing what we are doing, we can being to learn new ways of meeting our needs without being at war with ourselves to do so. 

I truly enjoy exploring how the thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and actions a person experiences in their life can be understood by way of their personal values and life story. I am looking forward to continuing to walk alongside you as we explore both the light and dark, the joy and pain, the beauty and brokenness, and all of the other complexities of your life and identity that make you so very human. 

I am currently accepting clients who want to work on the following specific goals:

– Dealing with diabetes burnout, diabetes distress, or people who want to manage their diabetes more effectively for their long term health and wellbeing

– Individuals who are interested in making changes to behaviours in their life that are interfering with their longterm health (i.e., change in the way they eat, the ways they are physically active, or dealing with stress and burnout). 


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